Artist Statement

In my work, the concept is revealed through technique and subject matter.

In our fast paced society, with constant technological developments facilitating that pace, I create art in an effort to slow people down, make them conscious and aware of the moment.

People and banal objects as subject matter are the first steps to making the audience conscious of the everyday, the here and now. The small scale of the work facilitates an intimate interaction, keeping the space between audience and artwork tangible, enabling a more direct connection with the present time. Also, the highly realistic technique of painting and drawing focuses attention on details: detail can only be observed if one takes the time to look. This goes for both audience and artist.

The moment in front of the canvas when the artist is really observing and absorbing the subject, time is standing still. The artist needs to be fully present to translate her vision. The moment in front of the canvas when the audience is observing the image, time stands still again. Literally, the body halts; mentally, the brain stops to realize the time it took (the artist) to create the art.